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A fun weekly writing challenge community

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Writing original fiction to a weekly prompt
Last updated: 07 Oct 2014

About musemuggers

This is a community for writers.

Created to help writers break writer's block, it is also useful as a warm-up exercise, or to help you generate short stories for possible publication. [All posts are automatically locked to members only, so the writer can retain first story rights.]

What we do is take a variety of prompts, which everyone uses. We all post our stories, and enjoy the variety of responses. No two stories are alike.

If the prompt sparks an idea that doesn't reflect the original prompt, go with the story sparked. It isn't a requirement to stick to the challenge word for word. If there is a part of the challenge you can't include, that's fine too.

Have FUN. There's no stress here: it doesn't have to be publishable quality, it doesn't have to be perfect...it's to help you enjoy your writing again.

feath is the founder of musemuggers and still its honorary captain.

Our sister community is museteasers.

FAQ and Rules

May I join?

Anyone can join. Comment to THIS THREAD to reserve a place in musemuggers. When there is an opening, we inform you by replying to your comment, and tell you to 'join this community'. If you do not respond, the spot goes to the next person on the list.


How does this community run?

Every Monday 1 insta-muse prompt is created from several sources.

Members have seven days to post stories inspired by this challenge. There is no limit to the number of stories that one member may post in a week.

We ask that members comment to three different authors each time they post one work of their own.

All prompts remain public, so nobody needs to join musemuggers in order to see them.

How do I format my story?

Put the title of your story in the subject field.

Tag your story with your LJ username.

Put your story behind an LJ cut. What is an LJ-cut?

R-rated stories MUST have a warning above the cut.

Always back up your stories offline.

What can I post?

Stories must be over 100 words and under 6,000 UNLESS the prompt specifically states otherwise. Poems have no minimum limit.

No fanfiction. Original characters only.

No X-rated stories. AUG 2007: please do not post sex scenes featuring characters aged under 18 either.

Non-story posts by members may be deleted unless they contain news of publication or success in a competition.

Please read as many of the stories posted as you can, and leave feedback. NO FLAMING. We are a supportive group here.

We ask that members comment to three different authors each time they post one work of their own.

What if I have a problem with other members, or the community?

Voice your concerns at this public post in museleaders. Comments are screened.

I am moving on, and want to give up my place to another person.

Anyone can leave whenever they wish. To resign, comment on the most recent public post tagged 'maintenance.'

Why was I removed from musemuggers?

Members must post at least once [1+] a month to remain in the community. If removed for inactivity, please reapply if you wish to rejoin. To resign, see above.

We retain the right to remove any member at our discretion.

I am a member, and I have a question not covered here.

Direct any questions to the moderators on their most recent non-story post.


I am a non-member, and I have a question not covered here.

Comment on the most recent public post tagged "maintenance."


MON: New prompt created by spacedlaw. First day to post new stories.

TUE: Summary of previous week by smwright.

WED: Third day to post new stories.

THURS: Discussion hosted by dubaiyan.

FRI: Fifth day to post new stories.

SAT: Sixth day to post new stories.

SUN: Last day to post new stories. Deadline midnight GMT.

Comments can be made on any day.

smwright removes and adds members monthly.
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